Daily prayers

Todays prayers are for monday morning and monday evening.

Prayer for Monday Morning.

O Thou Eternal and Merciful God! Thou hast commanded Thy people in Thy
law each morning to offer Thee a burnt offering, thereby to praise and
thank Thee for Thy merciful protection: thus I too would bring unto Thee
my offering of praise, that is the fruit of my lips, and magnify Thy holy
name. For by Thy grace and mercy Thou hast kept me this night from all
evil and harm in body and soul, and hast graciously protected me. If Thou
hadst not been my shield and my help, manifold calamities would have
engulfed me, and I could not have risen in health and safety. Therefore,
I thank Thee for Thy protection. But I continue to call to Thee from the
depths of my heart, and my supplication ascends to Thee in the early
hour. Early do I seek Thy countenance and pray Thee to safeguard me and
mine from the wiles and power of the devil, from sin and disgrace and all
wickedness. Visit Thou me in this early hour with Thy grace, as without
Thee I can do nothing, and grant that I may this day begin all my work in
Thy name and end it joyously, to the glory of Thy divine majesty and the
betterment of my neighbor. Preserve my soul, mind, reason, senses, and
thoughts, all that I do and leave undone, that the prince of darkness do
me no injury. Safeguard me against the destruction that wasteth at
noonday. Defend me against mine enemies that neither secretly nor openly
they harm or injure me with their craft and cunning, violence or malice.
O God, Father and Lord of my life, shield me from all impurity and
disorderly conduct. Keep me from all intemperance and unchastity, and
turn from me shameless thoughts. Help me by Thy grace to pluck out the
eye that offends me and cast it away, and renounce all wicked and impure
desires of the heart. Grant whatever is pleasing to Thee and useful to
me, that I may serve Thee in the true faith. Look upon me with the eyes
of Thy mercy, Thou Savior of the world, and enlighten my heart and eyes,
that I may walk in the light of Thy grace, which rises above me, and
never lose Thee, the Eternal Light. Amen.

Prayer for Monday Evening.

O Thou Mighty and Everlasting God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I
thank Thee that by Thy divine power Thou hast this day preserved me from
all injury and danger of body and life. I owe it to Thy mercy alone that
Thou didst protect me on all my paths. I pray Thee to forgive me all my
sins which I have committed against Thee, and this night and during our
entire lives mercifully to defend me and my loved ones against all sorrow
and anxiety, and against the craft and power of the devil, wherewith day
and night he seeks to ensnare us. Preserve us from the deadly pestilence
that walketh in the darkness, and deliver us from the snare of the enemy.
Protect us from the temptation and terror of Satan, from all evils of
body and soul. For Thou art our strong fortress, our sword and buckler.
All our hope and trust rests in Thee. Therefore, O faithful God, may
Thine eyes be upon us and we be safeguarded this night against all
violence and assault of the enemy. Be Thou our keeper and protector.
Encompass us with Thy shelter, for in Thee is our salvation. Unto Thee
only, from whom cometh my help, do I lift up mine eyes. My help cometh
from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Behold, as the eyes of servants
look unto the hands of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto
the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God, until
that He have mercy upon us. Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy, for
we are poor and needy. Lift upon me the light of Thy countenance lest I
sleep the sleep of death. Amen.

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