Amazing Angels. Please watch and believe.

O Holy Angel, who stand by my wretched soul and my passionate life: do
not abandon me, a sinner, neither depart from me because of my lack of
self-control. Leave no room for the evil demon to gain control of me
through the violence of this mortal body. Strengthen my weak and feeble
hand, and instruct me in the path of salvation. O holy Angel of God, the
guardian and protector of my wretched soul and body: forgive all the
sorrows I have caused you, every day of my life. If I have sinned in this
past night, protect me during this day. Keep me from every adverse
temptation, that I may not anger God by any sin. Pray to the Lord for me,
that He may establish me in His fear and make me, His servant, worthy of
His goodness. Amen.

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Categories: Miracles

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