10.000lb truck falls on man.

10.000lb truck falls on man. Then unbelievable a miracle. Bruce Van Atta was clearly in difficulty when he was pinned Andre logging truck. He was certain he would die. Surprisingly … Continue Reading →


Hands on

Miracle surgery for 8 year old boy.Please share if you love jesus.


Lucky ?

Are these escapes down to luck or do these people have a guardian angel watching over them. An amazing compilation of heart stopping moments. Miracle road traffic escapes. Pedestrians that … Continue Reading →


Jennifer Garner “Miracles from heaven”

Jennifer Garner talks about her faith after filming the movie Miracles from heaven. It recounts the story of a young girl who has a near death experience and was cured … Continue Reading →

Angel with stars


Amazing Angels. Please watch and believe. O Holy Angel, who stand by my wretched soul and my passionate life: do not abandon me, a sinner, neither depart from me because … Continue Reading →